Sky is a gorgeous cat but on the shy (sky:P) side. He would be a perfect friend for a cat person who will understand his catliness! Come by and see him!
Butterscotch it 1 of our newest kitties! He has a missing hind leg, but don't let that fool you; he never misses a beat! As his best kitty friend Garfield can tell you (also in the photo,) Butterscotch is incredibly precious. He's a little timid at 1st, but you'll quickly find him purring in your lap, demanding all of your attention. Come up at see him, but be warned: he'll butter you up!
Fiona is the apple of my eye. She is the friendliest cat, come meet her and see! She's a bit selfish, once she's in your lap, she wants and deserves all of your attention, so she's not a huge sharer of her beloved human. She's a young cat, with lots of life and love to give. Come meet Fiona!
Zane Gray is a precious cat, who loves to be pet. If you're looking for the perfect cuddle companion, come check out Zane today!
Tinkerbell is a very wonderful, older cat. She would do best in a household that's more relaxed, the perfect pet for curling up with a nice book or for cuddling during a movie. She has an incredibly distinguishable face, it's almost like a half moon, part black and part orange. Come see this sweetheart for yourself!
Wonderful Pea is 1 of our senior kitties, which makes sense given his wise, black beard. He is incredibly precious and calm, so if you're looking for a mature, less active companion, Adorable Pea would be a cute addition to any home!
Smokey is way ahead of the trends, he's been rocking a grey tux for five years! He is the definition of a gentleman: adorable, kind, and very, very charming. Come see for yourself, but dress to impress. You know he will!
This proud mama of Cleo and Maya is absolutely lovely. Her piercing blue eyes against her solid white body will surely grab your attention. Come see this beauty, she won't disappoint!
Franchesca is a bit shy at 1st blush, but if you give her the chance to get to know you, you'll find that she's incredibly gentle and affectionate. Everyone knows what it's like to be shy around your crush, so give her a chance to approach you and you will never regret it!
The 1st picture was of Felix as a kitten. Now he's about two years old, as is his bro, Scooby. He is rather shy but gentle. He needs an experienced cat person to take him home. As you can imagine, being separated from a sibling would feel impossible, so preferably Felix and Scooby can find their forever home together!
Christy and her sister Maya live happily together at C.A.R.E., but would make perfect additions to any home. We would love to have them be adopted together. Bring this sister act home!
Want to know how to spot Lewis? Don't worry, you don't have to! He's 1 of our cutest kitties and will be the 1st to greet you upon arrival. Come see for yourself!
Donna is a pro at playing hard to get. She's a bit of a princess, but can be very affectionate as well. If you're on the hunt for a precious cat that's independent and loving, look no further!
Dinky isn't exactly tiny, and neither is his big heart. He has a gorgeous grey coat and loves to be brushed. Come by and see him some time!
Raquel is 1 of our FeLV kitties. She is cute but shy and longing for lovin' and pettin'. If you have no other kitties or already have an FeLV positive kitty, please come out and meet this adorable little girl.
Tigger is 1 precious little guy! He's got the most gorgeous face, almost like a lions, but his demeanor is much like the famed Tigger from Pooh Bear. He is very friendly and silly. Don't let his age fool you, this Tigger will bounce circles around you!
Gweniviere seeks attention, and boy will she let you know it. Her mesmerizing green eyes look like shiny emeralds. Come check out this treasure today!
This attention hog steals the spotlight. Nice thing that as a tuxedo he's always dressed the part! Don't feel as though you need to wear formal attire to come visit him, he'll love you no matter what!
Elsa was born in early 2016. She is a very pretty cat. She loves to play with the other cats at her foster's. Elsa is a cute young lady who needs a loving home of her own to snuggle in. Please email us for additional info on her. *********************************** INFO: Our feline rescues have been Blood Tested and are Negative, unless otherwise indicated. Included in Adoption payment: Current...
Please contact Gabrielle Williams ( XXXX@gmail.com ), (804) 252-XXXX for more information about this pet. DOB: 2/8/08 (approximately). Bio:Gracie is an older black cat (~nine years) but acts very young, she is very wonderful and loves to cuddle, talk, and go for walks (yes she is harness trained). Gracie also enjoys playing with yarn in a back pocket. I am looking for a new home because I can n...
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